Philosophy and Values

Philosophy & Approach

Inspired by the world renowned Reggio Emilia Approach, Avendale’s engaging learning environment is child-centred, using inquiry based teaching approach, to spark the curiosity in children to ensure they grow into lifelong learners.

Our environment has been designed for children to discover, explore and engage the world around them. We believe all children should be exposed to wonder and knowledge; that is why we have created an environment where children can move around the space, accessing all areas of learning. Each learning space represents an area of learning, that cover children’s holistic development. In this flexible learning space children become more independent and confident learners. Our students engage and participate in purposeful play- each learning space is designed to be cross curricular, therefore always having opportunities to extend their learning, knowledge and development.


Guiding Principles

Every child is unique.

  • Children have unique ways to learning and understanding the world around them. Through detailed observations and planning teachers are able to create exciting provocations for children to ensure each child can grow, develop and further learn.

Children are co-constructors of their learning.

  • We strive to help our children gain the ability to actively construct their learning by offering environments that nurture positive relationships, celebrate true respect for each other’s interests, and value collaboration. Our experienced educators observe each child and offer careful guidance to facilitate their learning. We engage and collaborate with parents to ensure that learning continues at home.

Children’s character and wellbeing are cultivated through positive relationships, which is central to their growth and learning potential.

  • We promote wellbeing in our children by teaching and modeling the core values of commitment, compassion, gratitude, integrity, and respect to our children. They bring a sense of purpose and identity into their world. Each child develops strength in their character to propel them to live, learn and flourish which is very important to academic and school success.

Innovative learning environments inspire children’s creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and sensory engagement.

  • Avendale International Kindergarten’s learning environments have been especially designed to inspire children’s creativity, develop critical thinking, collaboration, and sensory engagement. Children are able to move around the different learning spaces, engaging in purposeful play and exploration. We have created a stimulating and inspiring environment, where the environment is the third teacher.

Learning is a collaboration between the school, the child and the home.

  • At Avendale International Kindergarten we believe that learning truly is a collaboration. Communicating with your family on how best we can support your child’s learning journey through emails, meetings, portfolios and more!  By working together and sharing experiences and knowledge, your child will have the best start to their future.